1. Open networking and visitor greetings begin at 7:05 am

2. Seating and start of the meeting at 7:30 am

3. 7:30 – 7:35 am – Chair starts meeting by welcoming visitors

– Announcements (people that couldn’t make it, today’s speaker, this agenda, new members, etc.)

– Brief outline of the agenda

– Welcoming and introduction of guests by the member who brought them

– Thought of the week related to networking (truth/delusion or mission statement)

– Meeting notes and follow-up email (includes contact info received from attending guests)

4. Membership report

– Welcoming of the newest group members

– Explaining of the business card ‘Chase The Ace’ lottery and reason for passing around the business card box

– Follow-up with guest to re-invite, answer membership questions, share website address contains more info about the members they just met

5. Communications Chair report

– Updates to speaker list, invitation to add names to the list

– Reminder/update email for day prior to next meeting

6. Treasurer’s report

– Status of accounts, concerns, requests, reminders, etc. Including balance/invoices/expenses/etc.

7. Online Marketing Chair report

– Status/updates/requests related to website, social media, etc.

8. 7:40 am – Intro round (please remember that time is limited)

– Who are you and what‘s your area of expertise?

– What do you have to offer/share that is related to the group’s core purpose for meeting and what do you want to achieve within this group?

– All members are encourage to bring one new lead each week (bringing a guest is considered a lead)

– Target marketing, tips/business trends/opportunities

– Thank yous for referrals and business received

– Chair will give brief description to guests and selects who will start

9. 8:05 am – target start time for presentation by Club Member or Guest Speaker

– 20 minutes available (including time for questions)

– Presenter will be asked if timekeeper is needed

10. 8:28 am – ’Chase the Ace’ business card draw

– for members only organized by the membership chair

11. 8:30 am – Chair ends meeting

– Thank everyone

– Invite guests to come back

– Announce next week’s speaker

12. End of meeting

– An opportunity for more open networking for anyone that can stay longer.

– Do not share any leads you heard during the meeting with any other Club or person who would be in conflict with any member of this Club.