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Brian Esler – Reverse Lottery

SPOILER ALERT – Watch video before reading further!!! The video shows an interesting perspective and just under 4 minutes. Financial products like insurance and investments are full of statistics and often based on probabilities, so I pride myself on understanding those elements of the industry and finding “value” for clients. Hopefully I can articulate some […]

Dr. Ganz’s – Working with athletes

Working with athletes, especially elite athletes. There are tools they use to perform at high levels under stress, and a lot of those can be applied to areas outside of sport. Especially business. Overtraining A typical thought in the sports world is more is better. Especially from athletes who want to be at that elite […]

This is your brain on Music!

a presentation by Jacynthe Arsenault from Kidsnotes Music, on the book by Daniel Levitin What is Music? Music is organized sound. Vibrating reaches our ears, which vibrate at the same rate as the object making the sound allowing us to identify the timbre and the pitch. 7 major elements of music: pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony, […]

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Spray Foam Insulation – Phil Bentson of Arctic Insulation

Phil discussed ways that spray foam can improve “the comfort zone” of your house or business. Download a pdf below or read the presentation notes below.   According to the Appraisal Journal, every $1 decrease in energy costs results in a $10 to $25 increase in a homes value. Reducing utility bills by $1200 per […]