Phil discussed ways that spray foam can improve “the comfort zone” of your house or business. Download a pdf below or read the presentation notes below.


According to the Appraisal Journal, every $1 decrease in energy costs results in a $10 to $25 increase in a homes value. Reducing utility bills by $1200 per year translates into a $12,000-$30,000 increase in the homes price.


What is spray foam?

Polyurethane material that expands 3-9x its initial volume and contains a high r-value over standard insulation. Contains a vale of about 5.3-6.8R/inch. Proper spray foam is a two part solution that is mixed at the tip of the spray gun and creates a chemical reaction. The final product is strong, impenetrable by air and water.

What is R-Value?

It’s a heat resistance rating. Higher the value, greater the resistance to heat transfer.

Advantages over standard insulation:

  • High psi application means that it can get in places that other insulation can not
  • Cleaner installation than standard insulation
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Higher R-value per inch over standard insulation
  • Potential to save 40% in heating/cooling energy costs
  • Low lifecycle cost (roofing in particular)
  • Provides an air barrier and is seamless
  • Does not shrink, settle or sag

What does Arctic Insulation specialize in?

Arctic Insulation installs a few different spray foams. From open cell to closed cell, the products are all suited to specific applications.

  • Exterior roofs (special product & process)
  • Internal garages
  • Basements
  • Complex jobs
  • Reducing cold spots and room drafts
  • New builds

For more information on Spray Foam Insulation, visit Arctic Insulation’s website or contact Phil Bentson at 780-719-2948

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